Lauren’s specialty is coaching and facilitating “human performance” for personal, professional, and business endeavors:

  • project commencement and development
  • project facilitation for groups
  • small-business executive coaching
  • creative problem-solving techniques
  • coaching marketing and public presentations
  • fitness, health, and energy
  • stress and/or time management and techniques
  • improvements in communications – family, business, community


After earning a degree in design, Lauren Muney excelled in the entertainment industry for over 30 years, as a professional performer, craftsman, and producer, developing interactivity, public speaking, and creative problem-solving.

Starting in 2002 Lauren’s career scope enlarged to assist others enhancing lives through assessment, awareness, and individualized problem-solving for personal and corporate settings, including seminars, program development, Powerpoint development, presentation development, facilitation, and other projects.

Notable projects

  • Contract facilitator for Regional Manufacturing Institute’s Energy Efficiency program, working with companies through the Baltimore region
  • Coached principal and spearheaded marketing for Essential Somatics international health workshops, seminars, and professional training program
  • Participated in Harvard Medical School’s first medical coaching conference
  • Lifestyle Consultant to Goodrich Corporation through Take Care Health): producing Powerpoint lectures, writing scripts for DVD videos, and featured on the videos.
  • Created peer-employee health-mentoring program for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  • Consultation and collaboration with public health adminstrator, Dr. Richard Lewis, formerly of The Cleveland Clinic
  • Adjudicator with Wellcoaches: assessing and grading coach-trainees for certification




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